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Down to Earth Nutrition Programs

Craving accountability and support as you learn and work towards your goals? You're in luck! You have arrived at the hub of the Down to Earth Nutrition Programs, where we can support you via various nutrition programs designed to do just that.


Down to Earth Nutrition Programs are created to provide support and accountability around a common cause—digging deeper into the nutrition you want to learn about, with the added bonus of a Registered Dietitian leading the way. Nutrition programs are available either in a group format to encourage peer discussion and support, or in a solo, on-demand format allowing you to pursue nutrition education when and how you need it.

Whether you join with a friend or enroll solo—be ready to explore your own thoughts and implicit biases, listen to others' opinions, and have conversations with peers and professionals in a respectful environment.  You will leave with a better understanding of gentle nutrition and a newfound passion for yourself.

See below for the Down to Earth Nutrition Program offerings.

Friends Eating Together

Intuitive Eating & 
A Guided Group

Coming June 2022

 You’re here because you want to find the fun and lose the guilt in food, eating, and nutrition.

You never want to diet again.

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Food photography

You're an established client who wants the continued benefit of communication and support of the Registered Dietitian, and your condition no longer requires the structure of set appointments.

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