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Gentle Nutrition for Moms & Moms-to-be

Relatable. Peaceful. Down-to-earth.

Are you pregnant, a mom of littles, or thinking of starting a family?


Are you interested in intuitive eating plus peaceful, planned meals to nourish yourself and your babies?

Gentle Nutrition for Moms and Moms-to-be is for those who want to grow and raise their families in a household where arbitrary food rules and poor body image do not apply.


Led by Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Cristina Luibil, join Aterra Nutrition as we guide you through the foundations of Intuitive Eating, learning to incorporate gentle nutrition into your lifestyle, and keeping body neutrality and peace with food at the forefront of your family's values. 


Start to nourish yourself and your family by learning and using the essentials of gentle nutrition and intuitive eating. This program is for pregnant women, women planning to start a family, and for moms with littles (infant through elementary school). 
The cost is $395 which includes all materials. 2024 dates are now available!
Please check out the FAQs below for more information!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this program for?

Women currently pregnant, women planning to start a family, and moms of littles who...

🪴 are discovering or rediscovering Intuitive Eating;

🪴 want support from a like-minded mom group + dietitian;

🪴 want to stop dieting forever, but don't know how;

🪴 want tools to advocate for their families through a weight-inclusive lens

🪴 are unsure about making food choices for their family;

🪴 want guidance on food and meal planning;

🪴 are overly worried about the healthiness of foods; and/or

🪴 want to make peace with their food, mind, and body to be a good role model for their little ones.

What if my kids are in middle or high school? Can I still join?

This program is set for those in the prenatal/postpartum/younger kid season of life so that participants are in a similar phase of motherhood and their kids are meeting similar developmental milestones around eating.

For moms of older children (and anyone else), our group Intuitive Eating for Beginners or Family Nutrition Counseling might be a better fit for your needs. 

I'm very intrigued! How does it work?

This group program will run in seven 60-minute sessions, over the course of 12 weeks. You'll receive education, affirmation, journal prompts, reflection questions, socialization, meal planning guidance, recipe ideas, and more, all while being in a moderated non-diet space with a dietitian (a mom-to-be herself!) and your new mom friends. You'll have access to a chat through What's App to keep in touch between sessions. You'll be able to share wins and talk through challenges with other blossoming intuitive eaters.

Cool, so what materials come with the program?

You will receive many resources to guide us through this  journey, which you will utilize over the course of our time together and beyond.

1. Gentle Nutrition for the basics of intuitive eating and gentle nutrition

2. Empower Your Plate for 12 weeks of food planning and preparation

3. Intuitive Eating for Every Day for affirmations and mindful inspiration

Why should I join this program over others that are similar? 

This program is set up to provide moms and moms-to-be with the basics of Intuitive Eating plus how to use gentle nutrition to plan meals to feed yourself and your family.  You will be guided by Cristina Luibil, Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Registered Dietitian, who has also worked in prenatal, infant, and child feeding and nutrition for over 12 years.


As a new mom herself,  Cristina has personal experience utilizing intuitive eating through pregnancy, and in planning postpartum healing, nourishment, and time with baby. She understands how the body changes, our appetites differ, and our priorities evolve. Cristina is passionate about raising children in a family that is free from the pressures of perfection related to food, eating, and bodies.

By the end of this program, you will:

🪴 develop the skills to detect and reject the dieting mentality

🪴 carry out the fundamentals of Intuitive Eating 

🪴 prioritize how to practice gentle nutrition for the whole family

🪴 organize and create 12 weeks of meals for you and your family, with the ability to sustain these habits beyond this program 

🪴 feel confident in your food and body relationship for summer and beyond!

Amazing! So, how do I join?

Here are the easy steps to join and become an intuitive eater:


Step 1. Click the button below to email Cristina, where you'll get welcome information and register for this program. Please provide Cristina with your full name, phone number, email address, and mailing address in this email.

Step 2. Receive your resource materials in the mail, compliments of Aterra Nutrition.

Step 3. Check your email for a warm welcome plus information about your upcoming sessions.

Step 4. Continue showing up for yourself and your family during our discussions, and putting in the time to plan and prepare meals using gentle nutrition.

Step 5: The BEST step! Continue YOUR journey towards becoming an intuitive eater! 

Please note, because this program thrives as a group, we need 4+ attendees to host this program. Feel free to share this info with a friend!

How much does it cost and what dates do we meet??

The investment is $395 which includes:

🪴 Seven 60-minute live virtual sessions

🪴 Twelve weeks of between-session support via What's App

🪴 Gentle Nutrition by Rachael Hartley

🪴 Empower Your Plate by Sam Nuzio

🪴 Intuitive Eating for Every Day by Evelyn Tribole

2024 meeting dates/times are TBD and dependent on at least 4 confirmed registrants.

Meetings will be online for 1 hour, with possibility of meetings in-person in the New Market/Frederick, MD area if that works for the entire group. 

Cool! Is there anything else I should expect?

We expect all program participants to be under the routine care of a physician.

A mental health provider, such as a therapist or counselor, is also a beneficial addition to a health care team. We encourage program participants to have an open mind if they feel they want or need to talk with mental health professional. 

NOTE: if you are currently suffering from and/or are in early recovery from an eating disorder, please consult with your treatment team (therapist, RD, MD) before joining, as participants may be reflecting on their own lived experience during the group sessions.

Got it! So, if I join, does that mean I can talk to Cristina about personalized nutrition issues?

No, joining Gentle Nutrition for Moms and Moms-to-be only means that you are joining this group program. It does not mean you have an individualized nutrition counseling contract with Aterra Nutrition or Cristina Luibil. Complete details are outlined in the Terms of Use.

If you would like information on individualized nutrition/intuitive eating counseling, please click here.


If I think of more questions can I call you before deciding?

Of course! Please call or email Cristina at any time at 301.291.5676 or

Are you ready to nourish yourself and your family through gentle nutrition?

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What I love about Intuitive Eating is how adaptable it is. Once you learn and can apply it, you can take what you need in the moment and leave the rest. It is not a set of rules.
I feel confident with my toolbox of skills to reject diet culture and treat myself kindly when it comes to my food and body relationship.

- Bella

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