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Payment Options & Policies

Aterra Nutrition offers many payment options to make nutrition services accessible to all who want them.


As of January 1, 2022, per the Public Health Service Act (PHSA 2799B-6) a good faith estimate for services rendered shall be provided to patients by all providers and facilities (45 CFR 149.610).


  • Aterra Nutrition is now credentialed with Cigna and Aetna. Please check your insurance benefits for nutrition counseling if you are a Cigna patient.

  • Insurance card will be kept on file for all patients.

  • Co-pay / co-insurance is due at the time of every appointment, as applicable. 

  • A credit, debit, FSA or HSA card and photo ID must be kept on file for all patients.

  • Card information is stored in Healthie's secure payment system when you register your account.



  • Payment of all fees is expected at the time of service and/or at the time of agreement and signature of your individual Client Services Agreement.

  • A credit, debit, FSA or HSA card and photo ID must be kept on file for all patients.

  • Card information is stored in Healthie's secure payment system when you register your account.

  • If not using insurance, payment will be made via credit, debit, FSA/HSA card on file.

    • ​You can read more about FSA and HSA here. To utilize your FSA/HSA, you will need a Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN) from your doctor or other medical provider provided to your benefits administrator, which you can read about here.

  • We can provide you a SuperBill (insurance receipt) to provide to your insurance company at your request.

    • To see if the SuperBill is a good option for you, first please confirm your out-of-network nutrition/dietitian benefits with your insurance company; please give your insurance company this information: your nutrition-related medical diagnosis; that nutrition counseling will be conducted via telehealth; the billing (CPT) codes 97802 (initial visit nutrition counseling) and 97803 (follow up visit nutrition counseling) and diagnosis codes Z71.3 and Z72.4.

    • Reimbursement (or amount reimbursed) with a Superbill is never guaranteed. 



  • No Refunds - we will do everything within our ability to ensure your satisfaction with our services. Due to the nature of dietitian services, no portion of any payments of any kind whatsoever shall be owed or refunded.



  • ​If you are unable to keep an appointment, please contact the Company and reschedule it as soon as possible.



  • There is a 48-hour cancellation notice required to the Company without penalty.

  • If an appointment is canceled within this 48-hour window, a $75.00 cancellation fee will be charged to the card on file.

  • You are responsible for cancellation fees regardless of insurance benefits.


  • If a Client misses an appointment without notice, that appointment is forfeited and the payment already made towards the appointment will not be refunded. An appointment is considered ‘missed without notice’ (no-show) if the Client does not come to the scheduled telehealth session, and/or is fifteen (15) or more minutes late to the scheduled telehealth session without notice via email, phone call, or chat.

  • If an appointment is missed without notice, a $75 no-show fee will be charged to the card on file (in addition to any fees already paid towards the appointment). 


Late start appointments:

  • If you may be late, an email, phone call, or chat message can be sent to us ahead of the start of the appointment time to hold the spot without penalty.

  • Any late time will be deducted from your appointment time, but the appointment time can be held without forfeiture. There is no deduction in fee for late start appointments.



  • Out-of-pocket pricing for dietitian services is on our website.

  • There will be an annual price increase of $5.00 on each service. This is effective July 1st of each year.

All services are provided through a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform (Healthie).


Please discuss your needs for services with Cristina through our contact form here

UPDATED ON: 7/3/2023

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