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How to tell if you're ready to quit dieting.

Let now be the time you finally let go and be liberated from diet culture.

The holiday season is here with all of its hustle and bustle, family gatherings, and tradition and magic ✨

With that, also comes a sense of...

  • I'll eat *this* now, but that's it-- Jan 1st I'll be good!

  • I'll be regretting *this* at the gym tomorrow.

  • I've eaten more cookies than Santa, it's SO BAD!

Anyone else seriously sick of thinking this way about every morsel of food that passes your lips?

🙋🏻‍♀️ I sure am!

Food and drink should be enjoyed and savored, not riddled with feelings of guilt, shame, and stress before, during and after a meal or family gathering.

Food and eating are EVERYWHERE. Why do we always feel so bad about both?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that we are societally conditioned to feel bad about food and eating.

  • Society tells us what food is "good" or "bad".

  • Society tells us what our "ideal" body should look like.

  • Society teaches us what we "should" do and eat to fit into a little box that is socially acceptable.

  • Society tells us what the next trendy way to eat is.

Well, why do we listen?

  • it could be because we want to be accepted by those around us.

  • Maybe because we don't want to stand out.

  • Perhaps it's because we all just want to BELONG TO SOMETHING, and dieting gives us that sense of belonging.

And I totally get it. I was there too!

Have you ever asked yourself ...

  • Do I even WANT to be dieting?

  • What happens if I DON'T start that diet?

  • What would my life look like without the diet?

If your answers to the above questions were - no.... nothing.... so much better! - then it seems as though you are ready to quit dieting!

From experience I can tell you when you give up the strict, dieting mentality, it's life changing and it's SO LIBERATING.

It's what happens when you become an intuitive eater 🤩

Did you know that we were all BORN as intuitive eaters? Think about it... we were born needing food and sustenance and there was no question about what we "should" be eating. Then we grew up and societal pressures somehow influenced us to micromanage our every meal.

Want to see for yourself how GOOD and life-giving intuitive eating can be? Check out the services at Down to Earth Nutrition and see what could work for you!

Want to learn how to eat your favorite foods without guilt or stress?! Grab your FREE guide HERE!

Blog Disclaimer: Everyone's Intuitive Eating journey will be different. While I am a registered dietitian, I may not be your dietitian, personally. All intuitive eating blog series posts are for informational and educational purposes only and may not be the best fit for your personal situation. Information shall not be construed as medical nutrition therapy. The information and education provided here is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment, advice, and/or diagnosis. It is not intended to replace individual nutrition care or nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. Always check with your own registered dietitian and physician or medical treatment team before trying or implementing any information read here. If you choose, Down to Earth Nutrition would be happy to help you in your own, individual nutrition and intuitive eating journey.

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