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Intuitive Eating Programs

Supportive. Accountable. Down to Earth.

You are in the right place if you would like to honor your health and hunger with Intuitive Eating (IE) through a supportive group setting.

Woman of color drinking coffee with her breakfast and phone beside her

Start your journey here and navigate your food relationship with an Intuitive Eating and self-compassion support group, guided by a

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor Registered Dietitian

Smiling caucasian woman cutting up produce

Continue your journey and dive into the real-life situations where the diet mentality may sneak in. Utilize the learned Intuitive Eating framework to steer your way out of typical diet culture conversations.

Woman of color leaning on a kitchen counter drinking a green smoothie

An ongoing community to hold space for those who want to nurture their Intuitive Eating journey through book discussions, learning more about the non-diet approach along the way.

“I learned through sharing our experiences and that I am not the only one who was obsessed with diet culture at one time. The book club changed my way of thinking about food to more of a positive outlook. It helped me to stop obsessing about losing weight and dieting. I learned to actually enjoy my food again.” 

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