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Sustainable Nutrition Alumni Support

Are you an established client of Down to Earth Nutrition...

  1. Who has been seeing the RD for individual nutrition counseling, and

  2. Whose individual sessions are coming to a close, and

  3. Whose condition is well-managed, and

  4. Who will not require regular one-on-one appointments for the time being, and

  5. Who would still like continued communication and support from the RD?


Then the Sustainable Nutrition Alumni Support program is for you!

Under the guidance of the Registered Dietitian, you can rest assured that your learned sustainable nutrition practices will stay top-of-mind. You will receive the professional accountability and support you became accustomed to during your weekly sessions, but this time without the structured appointment.


This means you can utilize Healthie, DTEN's client portal, after your counseling sessions are over to connect with the RD throughout the month. Connect as often as you'd like, when you need the support, when it is convenient for you.


Features include:​

  • Food + Feelings Journaling

    • Food diary via photo or text

    • Gauge hunger + fullness​ feelings

    • Note your thoughts after eating

  • Symptom + Stool Monitoring

  • Water Intake

  • RD Chat for Q+A

The unique benefit of this monthly program is that you will be guided and supported by Cristina, the Registered Dietitian who you already trust, who knows your nutritional history inside and out, and the person who you can rely on to keep your food relationship safe.

This is unlike any other nutrition-related program, app, or website out there.  

Sustainable Nutrition Alumni Support Investment:

$45 per month


*The fine print: if nutrition situation(s) arise that are beyond the means and scope of this program, for the client's safety the RD will use her professional discretion to recommend a singular appointment to discuss and appropriately counsel or educate on the matter. This can include, but is not limited to, a new diagnosis, an update to your current diagnosis, new or updated lab results, etc. Please see the Terms of Use when joining for complete details.

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