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Family Nutrition Counseling

Attainable. Peaceful. Down-to-earth.

When families want professional support to make mealtimes more calm, and to learn about nutrition from a non-diet perspective, they seek out a non-diet dietitian! Through the support of Aterra Nutrition's Registered Dietitian, Cristina, education and counseling would be tailored to your family's needs. Building that sustainable lifestyle takes a village, and it is easier when everyone is involved and on board.


Cristina has over a decade of experience working with families to navigate mealtimes. One of her favorite things is to help ensure both caregivers and children (especially infants!) can be more calm and intuitive around eating. Please note that when working with families with minors, the parents/caregivers will meet with the dietitian on skills to bring to the family table.

Through a weight-inclusive and non-diet approach, we will focus on behaviors to improve your family's health outcomes without focusing on weight. We will focus on a gentle way to choose what to eat without focusing on restriction, guilt around food, or body shaming. We specialize in the Intuitive Eating framework to support famlies in their season of life. We lead with compassion, empathy, and an open mind to find an eating pattern that is sustainable for your family. 

This would be a good fit for families who desire to make family mealtimes less chaotic and more productive. Yourself and your loved ones would be able to work through challenges and work toward success together.


Family nutrition education sessions can include (not limited to):

  • Parents who are not quite sure how (or what!) to feed their baby when it's time for solids.

  • Expecting parents with baby on the brain, forgetting that, once baby comes, they will need to eat too.

  • Families and couples craving calm, nutritious, and satisfying mealtimes.

  • Families and couples wanting to adopt a sustainable and flexible meal structure

We provide counseling and support using an non-diet approach. Services do not focus on good/bad or healthy/unhealthy qualifiers of food. Though we do not provide strict meal plans or weight loss counseling, we do support our families in learning to create flexible meal ideas using gentle nutrition. We do follow the Health at Every Size® Paradigm, so all of our services provide respectful, inclusive, and holistic care. 

Aterra Nutrition provides families with:

  • Group nutrition counseling and education via telehealth

  • Care and support with a non-diet, weight-inclusive approach

  • Assistance in creating a flexible meal structure that fits your family's lifestyle

  • Sustainable nutrition goals tailored to your family's wants and needs

  • Access to an exclusive nutrition app, called Healthie

  • Food + Feeling Journaling via Healthie for use between sessions

  • Private chat with RD via Healthie for accountability and support


  • Insurance: We are currently in-network with most Aetna, BCBS, and Cigna insurance plans

    • ​We can see patients virtually in MD, VA, NJ, WV​

  • Out-of-network: $175 for the initial session and $145 for follow up sessions; superbills provided

Please call 301.291.5676 or click below to schedule an appointment for your family.

Eating Time

Cristina was the absolute best resource I had when I started introducing solids
to both my little ones. Introducing solids is scary and stressful and Cristina really helped me enjoy the process of it all while ensuring safety and proper nutrition.
I can’t thank her enough for giving me such an amazing experience with my kiddos which continues through their toddler years. Both my kids started solids differently (my second didn’t take to them as well as my first) and Cristina was so great at helping me learn his cues and adapt to their differences! She helped me feel confident and reassured me every step of the way.

- Danielle

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