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Intuitive Eating for Beginners

Supportive. Accountable. Down-to-earth.

Do you feel stuck in a diet culture where the main goal is always to aim for "less"?

Eat less, sleep less, weigh less, take up less space?


You are in the right place if you want to aim for MORE! More nourishment, more rest, more body satisfaction -- while allowing your brain and body to take up the space that they deserve. 


Led by Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Cristina Luibil, join Aterra Nutrition as we guide you through the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating, all while learning to build trust and self-compassion. Everyone's Intuitive Eating Journey is different and totally their own - start yours here. 


Learn to nourish your body by becoming an intuitive eater. This introductory program is only held once per year - click below to join the waitlistThe cost is $385 which includes all materials.
Please check out the FAQs below for more information!
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is this program for?

This group is open to anyone who:

🪴 just discovered or is rediscovering Intuitive Eating;

🪴 wants support from a like-minded peer group + dietitian;

🪴 wants to stop dieting;

🪴 is overly preoccupied with the "healthiness" of food;

🪴 wants to improve their relationship with food;

🪴 wants to let go of diet culture, but doesn't know how;

🪴 is open to being free from the constraints of yo-yo dieting;

🪴 wants a life free from rigid food rules;

🪴 want tools to advocate for themselves through a weight-inclusive lens

🪴 feels apprehension around eating and making food choices;

🪴 wants to feel satisfaction with food and eating;

🪴 is ready to challenge the food police thoughts; and/or

🪴 wants to make peace with their food, mind and body

I get that Intuitive Eating is not a diet, but what if I still want a smaller body? Can I still join?

Yes, this program is definitely for you. It is normal in our society to want a smaller or different body, because that is what we are conditioned to believe is "better" from diet culture

It is totally normal for those who start an Intuitive Eating Journey to still want to change their body in some way. We will learn in this program, with the support of others going through a similar experience, that we are not healthier if we diet and shrink our body size. We will use self-compassion and other coping techniques to help us.


With Intuitive Eating, we use emotion, instinct and rational thought to guide us to a better relationship with food (and this definition of a "better relationship" is likely different for everyone). Intuitive eating is so liberating from the aforementioned pervasive sense of mental, emotional, and physical restriction. You will have such a sense of pride once you are on your own Intuitive Eating Journey. 

I'm very intrigued! How does it work?

This group program will run in 5 weekly, hour-long sessions. Over the course of this time, you'll receive education, affirmation, journal prompts, reflection questions, non-diet resources, socialization, and more, all while being in a moderated non-diet space with a dietitian and your peers. There will be a chat via What's App available to use between sessions. You'll be able and encouraged to share wins and talk through challenges with other intuitive eaters.

The Intuitive Eating for Beginners course comes with The Intuitive Eating Workbook, which we will utilize over the course of our four months together.


Amazing! So, how do I join?

Here are the easy steps to join and become an intuitive eater:


Step 1. Click the button below to start registration by emailing Cristina. Please provide your full name, phone number, email address, and mailing address in this email. 

Step 2. Receive The Intuitive Eating Workbook in the mail, compliments of Aterra Nutrition.

Step 3. Check your email for information about your upcoming sessions, including a guide to complete workbook items before the session. We call this guide "Your Inside Job". It's highly beneficial to complete Your Inside Job prior to each session.

Step 4. Continue showing up for yourself with Your Inside Job and during discussions, and putting in the time for YOU towards your Intuitive Eating Journey! 

Step 5: The BEST step! Begin YOUR journey towards becoming an intuitive eater! 

Please note, because this program thrives as a group, we need 4+ attendees to host this program. Feel free to share this info with a friend!

How much does it cost and what dates do we meet??

The investment is $385, which includes:

🪴 Five 60-minute live virtual sessions

🪴 Five weeks of between-session support via What's App

🪴 The Intuitive Eating Workbook.

The schedule:

🪴 Session 1 - Principle 1 & 2

🪴 Session 2 - Principle 3 & 4

🪴 Session 3 - Principle 5 & 6

🪴 Session 4 - Principle 7 & 8

🪴 Session 5 - Principle 9 & 10

Meetings will be held online for 1 hour. 

What's in it for me if I complete this specific program?

This group program is based on a 2020 research study by researchers C.B. Burnette and S.E. Mazzeo. Since we are incorporating the methods and intervention of the published experiment, we have data and outcomes! 

This study's typical outcomes included a reduction in:

🪴 Disordered eating behavior, such as (but not limited to) rigid rules around food

🪴 Being dissatisfied with your body

🪴 Negative beliefs about yourself due to weight or body size

This study's typical outcomes included an improvement in:

🪴 Appreciation of your body

🪴 Intuitive Eating

🪴 Satisfaction with life​

Intuitive Eating truly is life changing! These are AMAZING typical outcomes! Though outcomes or results can never be guaranteed, we're confident that you will feel empowered in your food and body relationship after becoming an intuitive eater.

Cool! Is there anything else I should expect?

We expect all program participants to be under the routine care of a physician.

A mental health provider, such as a therapist or counselor, is also a beneficial addition to a health care team. We encourage program participants to have an open mind if they feel they want or need to talk with mental health professional. 

NOTE: if you are currently suffering from and/or are in early recovery from an eating disorder, please consult with your treatment team (therapist, RD, MD) before joining, as participants may be reflecting on their own lived experience during the group sessions.

Got it! So, if I join, does that mean I can talk to Cristina about personalized nutrition issues?

No, joining Intuitive Eating for Beginners only means that you are joining this group program. It does not mean you have an individualized nutrition counseling contract with Aterra Nutrition or Cristina Luibil. Complete details are outlined in the Terms of Use.

If you are a Maryland resident and would like information on individualized nutrition/intuitive eating counseling, please click here.

Are you ready to liberate yourself from diet culture?


Are you ready to nourish your body?


Are you ready for self-compassion?


Are you ready for Intuitive Eating?

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What I love about Intuitive Eating is how adaptable it is. Once you learn and can apply it, you can take what you need in the moment and leave the rest. It is not a set of rules.
I feel confident with my toolbox of skills to reject diet culture and treat myself kindly when it comes to my food and body relationship.

- Bella

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