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Individual Nutrition Counseling

Personalized. Sustainable. Down-to-earth.

Craving a better relationship with food? Perhaps you wish to become more compassionate toward your body? Would you like to understand your health better? Whatever your goals are, our individual nutrition counseling services are tailored 100% to you.


Aterra Nutrition takes a gentle approach to nutrition counseling, where we add in nutrition instead of focusing on limiting foods and nutrients.


Through a weight-inclusive and non-diet approach, we will focus on behaviors to improve health outcomes without focusing on weight and we will focus on a gentle way to choose what to eat without focusing on restriction, guilt around food, or body shaming. We specialize in the Intuitive Eating framework to support patients in their season of life. We lead with compassion, empathy, and an open mind to find an eating pattern that is sustainable for you. 

Here is what Aterra Nutrition can do for you:

Provide support towards…

🪴Improving your relationship with food and body image

🪴Improving lab work through nutrition

🪴Receiving support with easy, flexible meal structure 

🪴Unlearning years of yo-yo dieting 

🪴Regaining an appreciation for food and eating 

🪴Beginning to heal from dysfunctional eating behaviors

🪴Respecting food and the amazing way it nourishes your body

🪴Learning how nutrition can be gentle and beneficial 

🪴Creating a healthy relationship with food, body, and mind

🪴Maintaining general nutrition, health, and wellness

Our method of counseling helps you pinpoint your own confidence, feelings, and readiness to take the next steps in your nutrition journey. We work within our scope of practice so that each session is individualized to you and your specific needs at that moment. 

Aterra Nutrition Counseling offers:
  • Personalized nutrition counseling via telehealth 

  • Support and guidance on Intuitive Eating

  • A deep dive into your health and medical history, including assessment of your recent labs and potential drug-nutrient interactions

  • A thorough nutrition assessment

  • Quality care and support with a weight-inclusive Registered Dietitian

  • Gentle nutrition that works with your condition or illness

  • Coordinating care with the rest of your treatment team, as applicable

  • Assistance in creating a flexible meal structure that fits your lifestyle

  • Sustainable nutrition goals tailored to you 

  • Access to an exclusive nutrition app, called Healthie

  • Food + Feeling Journaling via Healthie for accountability and support between sessions


At Aterra Nutrition, there is no weight stigmatizing or body shaming, no rigid food rules, no unrealistic plans that don't mesh with your lifestyle. No matter the reason or diagnosis, nutrition services do not center around measures of body weight or size, because your worth is more than your body, and your overall well-being involves so many more factors than just a number on a scale. Weight-inclusive nutrition counseling focuses on behaviors to improve health outcomes without focusing on weight. We will work with you on a gentle, down-to-earth way to choose what to eat without focusing on restriction, guilt around food, or body shaming. 


We provide counseling and support using an non-diet approach. Services do not focus on good/bad or healthy/unhealthy qualifiers of food. Though we do not provide strict meal plans or weight loss counseling, we do provide medical nutrition therapy and therapeutic eating patterns, as needed. We support our clients in learning to create flexible meal ideas using gentle nutrition. We can focus on a health condition and focus on eating in a sustainable way at the same time. We do follow the Health at Every Size® Paradigm, so all of our services provide respectful, inclusive, and holistic care. 

Aterra Nutrition can support you in building trust in your body and improving your relationship with food.
Nutrition Counseling Investment:

  • Insurance: We are currently in-network with most Aetna, BCBS, and Cigna insurance plans

    • We can see patients virtually in MD, VA, NJ, WV​

  • Out-of-network: $175 for the initial session and $145 for follow up sessions; superbills provided

Any option you choose will be the best option for you. I can't wait to get to know one another and start thoroughly working toward your goals.

Are you ready to manifest your nutrition goals?

Please call 301.291.5676 or click below for an appointment.

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Read more about Cristina and her qualifications here!

At the Dinner Table

I worked with Cristina because I had some abnormal lab work at my last physical. She was able to help me figure out what to eat without cutting out my favorite foods, and help me brainstorm ways to exercise that I not only enjoy, but that also support my goal. Cristina is compassionate and realistic in her approach. It's been a year and my labs are still normal. My doctor is happy, and I am happy. Thank you!

- Stefani

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