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Nutrition Services

Compassionate. Lifelong. Down-to-earth.

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For those that want to honor their hunger and health in a fun and supportive group setting. You’re in the right place if you want to ditch the restrictive eating mentality for good and find liberation with food.

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Utilizing a gentle and weight-inclusive approach to nutrition care, our sessions will be completely personalized to fit into your life and include the foods that you love the most.

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Nutrition counseling for families to create sustainable habits together. Using a non-diet approach to family mealtimes, this is a great fit for those looking to create calm and nourishing mealtimes.

I spoke with Cristina regarding my newborn daughter's reflux and gas issues. She was extremely helpful with figuring out what would be best for me to eat in order to alleviate my daughter's GI issues, as well as offering her knowledge in baby formula and even bottle/baby positioning when feeding my daughter. She also sent a ton of resources for me to read. In the weeks that followed I definitely noticed a difference in my daughter and she was feeling better. Cristina is very knowledgeable, quick to respond, and super nice. I highly recommend her services!

- Breeana

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