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My Intuitive Eating Journey - Volume 1: Ice Cream

This blog series will showcase how Intuitive Eating has supported my own eating and movement journey, how it has shaped me into the dietitian and person you know today, how it outlines my practice, and how it can help you.

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Everyone who knows me knows I LOVE ice cream. I go out of my way to find the best and creamiest homemade ice cream anywhere I go.

One time my husband even said we needed to save a new ice cream place I wanted to try for a “weekend activity” because it was too far for a Thursday after work drive 🤣

I could eat ice cream morning, noon and night - and I have no shame over this! It’s delicious and it hits the spot! I don’t actually eat it round the clock because it’s always accessible to me when I want it.

However, over my life others' comments over how often, how much, or my “sweet tooth” did cause me to feel a bit of shame and guilt over eating ice cream, which is where the thoughts of “…I shouldn’t be eating this” would come in.

Why, though? Was there anything wrong with me eating ice cream when I wanted it? No, not particularly. But, I didn’t understand this yet.

What happened was that my mindset changed and I started to tell myself “I shouldn’t have this” and then I didn’t let myself eat it when I wanted it.

Then it was ALL I could think about - morning, noon, and night - except it wasn’t around. Telling myself "I shouldn't" just made me want it even more. So, I would only let it in the house for “special occasions”, and then would eat the entire container, not even tasting it. Now what’s the point in that??

Then one day I was like — Cristina this is ridiculous, just eat the stupid ice cream— WHO CARES what anyone else says or thinks. Spoiler alert: I don't anymore.

So one day I was craving ice cream at dinnertime, and that’s what I ate. And the next morning, I was still thinking about it around 10am, so I had some more. What happened to me? Did the breakfast police come to arrest me? Nope.

I might have finished it the next day, we might have bought more, or not. I don’t remember, because without depriving myself of it, ice cream is not THAT significant in my life. Its just food that I enjoy. Finally coming to this conclusion, not feeling guilty about it anymore, was incredibly freeing.

From then on when I wanted ice cream, instead of telling myself I shouldn’t, I told myself that I SHOULD. Now I don’t care about it being around anymore. If I want it, I eat it. If not, it’s in the freezer for later. Yes, I still like to go out and find special, creamy ice cream when we travel or in the summertime.

In fact! I currently have a birthday sundae hubs brought home for my birthday, AND a birthday cake in my kitchen right now. The best part is that I haven’t touched the sundae yet (it’s been here 3 days, this is amazing to me) and I enjoyed a piece of cake on my birthday, but honestly didn’t feel like eating any since (if you know my similar love of cake--also amazing).

To the right is my favorite person taking me for a Valentine's Day ice cream sundae in 2016 (the two spoons were an assumption of the person working there, we don't share ice cream ;) )

We still have to make that road trip to the "weekend activity" ice cream shoppe, but we will get there at some point.

This is a testament to how intuitive eating is working in my life and how helpful it is to me. For me, when I stop trying to control and I become more aware - nourishing my mind and body and having fun - the food works itself out.

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Blog Disclaimer:

Everyone's Intuitive Eating journey will be different. While I am a registered dietitian, I may not be your dietitian, personally. All intuitive eating blog series posts are for informational and educational purposes only and may not be the best fit for your personal situation. Information shall not be construed as medical nutrition therapy. The information and education provided here is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment, advice, and/or diagnosis. It is not intended to replace individual nutrition care or nutrition counseling with a registered dietitian. Always check with your own registered dietitian and physician or medical treatment team before trying or implementing any information read here.

If you choose, Down to Earth Nutrition would be happy to help you in your own, individual nutrition and intuitive eating journey.

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